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Top 10 Home Fixer Upper Trends In 2021

You've been spending a lot of time at home lately. If those same four walls have you feeling uninspired here are some ideas to renovate your space.

April 14, 2021

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Top 10 Home Fixer Upper Trends In 2021

Top 10 Home Fixer Upper Trends in 2021. Couple Painting Room Together.

Whether you’re planning on selling your house down the line or staying put, only a little TLC is required to update and fix up your humble abode while adding value to your home in the process.

Color your world

Fresh color can make a big difference to interior and exterior spaces. Add accent colors around your room with throws, pillows, art, rugs, and other accessories. You can even pop your patio with every shade of spring.

I’m Floored

Remove that carpet, especially throughout the main shares spaces, and replace your flooring. You can easily find durable luxury vinyl, which looks like wood and is easy to install over your existing flooring. Touch up those spaces with a decorative area rug.

Work your style

While many of us are working remote indefinitely why not spruce up the home office. Adding an office collection with at least a desk, shelf, and comfy chair will go a long way. Add a touch of inspiration with artwork and an area rug.

Hardware not hard work

Update your kitchen and bathroom cabinets by simply switching to black metal knobs and linear pulls. Match the sinks by abandoning those nickel faucets in favor of something black or bronze. Take a look at outlets and spice things up with black or bronze coverings. You can even replace door knobs easily with a variety of designs to match.

Get your powder on

Since the powder room (the first floor bathroom) is used by all your guests, it’s a prime place to add some pizazz. Give it a luxury hotel treatment with fancy wallpaper, lighting, flooring, and an updated vanity.

Make your yard look hot

Nothing is more aesthetically pleasing than an outdoor fireplace or firepit. It becomes a visual point. Over the past 15 years or so, variety of outdoor-specific cooking appliances like ovens, grills, pizza ovens, and even smokers have made their way to the market and can be a hot touch. Lining your seating area, garden, and sculptures with gas lamps and LED’s highlight those features and really light things up.

You grow

Be inspired by your garden. Spice it up with different sized decorative and textured planters on your patio and yard. Use empty fence space to add hanging planters also swing them from porches and coverings for an added breezy summertime feel.

Your patio paradise

Sunny rays and friends over for days. Summer starts now at your patio. Be prepared with a nice outdoor furniture or patio table piece for family and friends to gather. Add shade and a pop of color with an umbrella. Cushions and pillows are also great way to add accent colors while keeping guests comfy.

Décor for days

Picking up great finds at your local thrift shops or antique stores and placing those in a room can really transform it without a lot of effort. It’s not all about the collecting of items either. Layering is what it’s about to bring small spaces, corners, and center pieces of the room to life.

It’s glow time

Give that ceiling some love too with updated lighting fixtures in a modern, fresh color, or black.

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